Monday, 27 February 2012

Good and bad

Think its normal, that in life good and bad things happen to you.
At the moment what is happening?
In December i was diagnosed with PCOS. It had never occurred to me that i may have PCOS, my "closest" best bet was Hiritusm. After a ultra scan, and blood test they decided i have PCOS. I need to say after reading a LOT about PCOS, most of the symptoms i do have. Just when u meet them along your life, it never occurs to you to think on it as a complex issue. My constant battle with weight, even if i don`t eat a lot. My excess hair problems -  this why i thought i may have Hiritusm. The acne, still when im 28, and the acne scars. The "pregnancy strips" , even if i was never pregnant. The all time tiredness, mood swings and sooo on. As i just read on someones blog, basically if u have PCOS u have 19 days of PMs lol! 
After i started my "treatment" i hoped changes will happen. Well my Gp "refused" to prescribe me metmorfin, so send me back to gyno, and gyno tells me after like a hour waiting, that she dont thinks i need it, till i try to get pregnant. Do we are trying at the moment for a kid? Than she would happy prescribe it! Thanks a lot! Was so angry :(
So my next steps will be:
- Get an insulin resistance test from GP! They want to tell me its not important if i have it, and i say it is. Its important for me to know, lets say, how far down on the road im, and it will help with diet too. 
- I want to get referred to an endo. Seems to be the only other option, maybe there they will give me something other than dianette. ( that's all treatment what i get, and the good advise to lose weight)

Good news, as someone suggested in verity forum, on my excess hair problems i bought a braun 5780 epilator. I used to have one, but i wouldn't call it pleasant. Well this one is awesome. I wont go in details, but i can even use it on my face.. true its again not a walk in the park, but does not hurt very badly.

Other kind of "bad" news! 
We have a puppy, a little girl named Sheba <3 She is out love :) She is a cross between Labrador and Staffi. In last month we noticed she is kind of stiff in front paws, seems to  limp quite often. We thought she just sprained her paw. But some days ago we discovered a bump on the right paws top, near her toe. So we made an appointment, and the doctor said she needs to be checked up properly by Xray. She does have 2 conditions seems like. First of all the vet says she seems to have elbow dysplasia. Very worrying as it can result in her life with arthritis. Very sad, and she is just 11 months old.
On her paw the vet thinks may be a tumor :( She needs checking on that too. How could this all happen? Sad.
She gave us an estimate 659 pounds bill o.O
The good thing, seems we took out a good pet insurance the time we got Sheba. Its sainsbury`s option 2 cover. We phoned they, and asked they if they would cover us, and they said yes!

And a 3rd type of bad news..true i cant take it as very bad news! We get to move! Was scary first, because we was not sure where to. Happened that my pair lives in this house since good.. 20 yrs i think. He was renting it from someone who he knows. So the rent was not horrible high. Now they tried to sell this house since AGES, and none wanted it. Its not on a real nice area, not in good shape. Well now they found a "company" what buys "any house". Well they don`t lie! They decided to buy this one. First i heard i could not decide to cry or laugh. I wanted to move so badly to a nicer place, to have a fresh start. Same time, out bills will go up.. 
Long story short, after some days, we got good news, my pairs mom decided to "rent" us her house. I mean house house :) Garden on front , in the back, garage, nice stairs and the full house is lovely, and the area is Lovely too. U can even hear the birdies! What a change!

The right side of the house, with the white windows, door! Isn`t it pretty?! I wanted a place like this since i was little :)
I cant wait will may, that's the time when we can move in! In my mind i have mostly things placed lol, think it is a women thing!

I think this is it for now, it anyway happened to be a Loooong post. See u next time :)


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