Monday, 5 March 2012

Cat "problems"

I so cant wait to move to the new house. I think im slowly driving My swety to craze. When i have time im browsing the internet for different ideas. Like we will have a VERY small room upstairs, and at the moment Dave thinks we should put in it just a bed, and it will be guest room, but the room is so little not sure even a single bed will fit in it. Next to its smallness it has a nice "big" window, so i was thinking maybe we should make a reading room, relax room. I would put in just one single bed across under the window and a lots of pillows. Just an idea... will see what it will be.
My other big "problem" is the cat. In basics i love cats, but my Hun has an old ..well sorry to say but pissy cat. And his hair is falling..not little or normal..its like water .. every time you touch the cat, your hands clothes full with it. Or when he shakes his self.. the hair just flies around him.. not really nice. And we do have a dogie since a year nearly and they don't really come out. Sheba, our puppy really badly wants to be friends, brings the cat toys but she gets a hiss form him. So we need give the cat his own place to relax, eat and others. But cant be really some cat tree because he is very old. So i was searching the internet and found a great idea. 

And an idea from an other webshop : Looks great!
Really giving me good ideas! :)


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